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Ultimately, when you are traveling there are also numerous opportunities to work with long-term exposures and macro shots or to mount telephoto lenses on your camera and to be able to take steady, vibration-free shots. In the process, different Rollei models can also be transformed with a flick of the wrist into a particularly space-saving monopod. You should pay attention to the maximum load-bearing capacity and a light and sturdy ball head when you are making a purchase so that your cameras and lenses can be mounted on light travel stands made from carbon or aluminum.

You can buy Rollei travel stands with maximum load-bearing capacities of up to eight kilograms with a very low deadweight. Rollei travel stands have numerous advantages, which make them an unbeatable companion. No matter what you choose - rely on the many years of experience.

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Your satisfaction is very important to us. Travel stands like the popular Traveler models are usually made of feather-light materials such as:. These high-tech materials combine a low weight, an amazing load-bearing capacity and particularly fine workmanship in a single photo stand and often also have an ARCA SWISS-compatible quick-release plate and a variably tiltable aluminium ball head that can be fixed in place.

The use of a remote release is also recommended for travel stands.

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You should pay attention to the so-called packed dimensions so that the travel stand also really fits into your bag. This measurement describes the size of the stand in its most compact form, in other words, when it is folded up and ready to transport. It should be a little lower than the height of your bag, so that it can be stored really easily.

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Game Winner. Big Game Treestands. Online Only. Showing of 5. If you ever needed an indication of how valuable a tripod is to photographers, just look at the Peak Design Travel Tripod.


This Kickstarter-funded product is yet to be released, but it raised over 12 million dollars. Unlike traditional tripods, the center column is more triangular in shape, allowing the three legs to be packed tightly against it, eliminating any dead space in the process. Despite its small size, it has been designed to hold DSLRs and telephoto lenses — big and heavy gear — so you can have peace of mind when attaching your equipment to it.

Backers can expect to receive their Travel Tripod in December You can preorder one now from Peak Design. Read our Peak Design Travel Tripod hands-on review. Manfrotto might be better known for its larger tripods, but the company has struck all the right chords with its Pixi Evo series. Designed for smartphones , point-and-shoots , action cameras , and even mirrorless cameras , this little tabletop tripod is built like a tank, but packs down small for the sake of convenience. Perfect for travel and outdoor adventures, the ball head lets you easily level your camera even when the tripod is placed on an uneven surface. The standard RoadTrip Classic is made from traditional aluminum, but those who are prepared to pay a little extra may want to invest in the carbon fiber edition.