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The plot is well developed and keeps the pages turning. I'm already buying the next few books in the series.

Do yourself a favor and check it out! Loved it! No amount of words can say how unique these stories are! I was really really tired that next day but it was worth it to know what happened and how the story ended! I've read the complete Jake Stone series and have truly enjoyed them.

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  • The Malevolent Sister, A Jake Stone Thriller (Book 12) (The Jake Stone Thrillers).

The character development of both Jake and Snowflake and their daughter Fierce was excellent. I just had to keep reading and buying the next installment and did not want the series to end. Posted by T.

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When Forky runs away, the search is on. Hanks has said the end of the fourth chapter is so emotional he could hardly get through it.

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And what a voice cast! Addiction, prison time and a liver transplant all figure in the life of David Crosby. But this brilliant bear of a doc — produced by Cameron Crowe and directed by A. Eaton, who both take turns asking questions — revolves around the music made by the fascinating, shaggy figure at its center. Tarantino has never been a stickler for facts — this is the guy he killed Hitler in Inglourious Basterds — but whatever the Pulp Fiction filmmaker makes of these characters in this time and place will surely earn its place in the cultural time capsule.

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Set in in the Tasmanian wilderness, with the vengeful woman relying on help from a young aboriginal tracker Baykali Ganambarr , the film offers blood-chilling atmospherics that reflect the sexual and racial violence of its time and, tragically, ours. Before you write off this movie version of the popular TV series Dora the Explorer as kid stuff, please note that Dora Isabela Moner is now a teenager, dealing with two life-and-death matters: surviving in the lost civilization of the Incas and high school.

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Look for this Sundance discovery to hit the summer sweet spot.

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He stars as an ex-con who gets pulled back into prison on an undercover mission. The FBI, repped by Rosamund Pike, wants him to get in tight with incarcerated Polish mobsters planning a major drug operation. What can go wrong? Virtually everything. This sounds like the kind of pulp fiction that makes the dog days of summer go down easy. Here are the 50 summer movies most likely to cut into your beach time.

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