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Vancouver, Washington, USA. Oregon Coast, USA. Related book awards New York Times bestseller. How do series work? Series: Thunder Point Series by cover 1—8 of 10 next show all. The Wanderer by Robyn Carr. The Newcomer by Robyn Carr. The Hero by Robyn Carr. Too like it almost as much as I like Virgin River. Devon and her daughter have been through the ringer and if you think about it so has Spencer and his son.

I think I like that they needed each other. I kind of want to know how he felt. Again gushing here about Therese Plummer she is amazing again bringing each person a voice. I just love her work. I'm a male admirer of Robyn Carr. No, silly, not that kind of admirer. I really enjoy her writing. Her "worlds" are very real to life, the characters come alive.

You - I - care about what happens to them. Note: for anyone following the Thunder Point story, I do recommend this book. See the end of my review. Most important for me and why I recommend Ms. Carr's books to other readers I know personally , is the challenge of conflicts, emotions and human frailties she writes about during the course of the "romance. For example, what happens five, ten or twenty years later when two young people start a baby for whom they are unprepared.

Or when a long time partner cheats on the other. Or how child abuse plays out when the child becomes adult. I know a man whose mother duct-taped him to his mattress when she wanted to go out drinking with boyfriends over-night. Carr's books in The Hero. I care about Devon but not about Spencer. The "real world" problem Ms. Carr addresses without a spoiler, I'll just say it starts from where Devon begins is not a 'but for the grace of God' problem I ever expect to encounter.

And I found it hard to willingly suspend disbelief. Such as when Eric arrives in town at the end, Ms. Again, without spoiling the book, I don't want to go into specifics of what didn't resonate well.. Because I am not a typical romance reader I prefer "women's fiction" aka "people's fiction" you may enjoy the romance in this story more than I did. I care little if significant guys are hunks. Not at all, in fact. Good news. For fans of Thunder Point, I do recommend this book.

It connects the dots, fills in the gaps, in the relationships of several of the couples we meet in other Thunder Point books. The narration is, as always top notch. Thank you Ms. Although these books are pretty easy to read as stand-alones as I did at first , I recommend starting with book one. It is a joy to watch Thunder Point fill up with "old friends. I don't personally know Ms.

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Carr, I have nothing to do with the writing or publishing businesses, I'm not a writer myself, I wasn't given a free book and no one asked me to read it. Thus, I have nothing to disclaim. I loved it as usual! I'm truly enjoying this series.

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  6. This book had me up until the very end. I'm falling in love with the characters!

    Series: Thunder Point

    The main part of book is so detail and the ending is always so rushed. This intriguing romantic and adventurous story like the first two would be a great catalyst for life lessons if the unnecessary profanity was eluded. What a great story to share with teens about life and human trafficking extra for the profanity.

    I truly wish the authir would rewrite this series without it. This book is a good story, and informative background on characters if you are not starting on book one. You can jump right in and not feel out of the loop. Good easy listening, solid and interesting characters for a relaxing read! I started on book one and enjoyed them. I just downloaded the next book! What made the experience of listening to The Hero the most enjoyable? I own most of Robyn Carr's books in print or on Kindle, and have been gradually buying them in audio.

    I really love her characters, and although not every book is terrific, the ongoing story makes it well worth reading all of each series. This book is a little silly; the plot is improbable and the characters didn't really have any chemistry to speak of - although I liked them well enough when they were introduced in the previous books of this series. As usual for RC, the secondary characters are wonderful. The real problem with this audiobook is the narration.

    Therese Plummer is a gifted actress; her character voices are appropriate to the character, believable even the male characters , and easily distinguishable. She reads slowly and with great clarity. But although she is sometimes just a little much or, as Therese would say it, "Just.

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    I put it away for a while, but it didn't get easier. Did not finish, sadly. And it has spoiled me for her voice in RC's other books - my teeth start grinding Right!