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You can probably still sell it, and in fact the top erotica list on Amazon is always full of content that should logically contain the above keywords. Incest MUST be step-. If you have no banned keywords, it will still be banned, because they are quite serious about this. To categorize your book into a sub-category on Amazon, choose your main category, then include the relevant keywords into your keyword sections. Lucas is a dick and not in the wonderfully hot way. Sep 16, Lilia Ford rated it it was ok Shelves: mm-sci-fi , uber-alphas , kindle-lendable , mm-shifters-weres-vampires.

Strange, dissonant reading experience. I actually found the working out of the obligatory mistrust and misunderstandings between the MCs to be more insightful and subtle than I've found in West's books before--or than you often see in shifter stories. Lucas is pretty dreadful to Kai, but the psychological motivations and feelings of each were really well-done, enough that I'd even call them realistic. My main problem with the book was with the depiction of the Scythians which felt like some ki Strange, dissonant reading experience.

My main problem with the book was with the depiction of the Scythians which felt like some kind of misogynistic male fantasy of a female-dominated society: the female rulers, whether political or religious, are either weak and credulous or utterly evil and despicable, in dire need of a massive invasion by the all-male Lycan warriors in order to stop them from committing systematic infanticide. It's depicted as a great thing that the planet will now be under martial law, expected to last for many years, in order that the all-female population can undergo thorough re-education.

The one male to survive childhood there is apparently the only person from the planet decent enough to put a stop to the abuse. I mean, could you pile it on more? Honestly, it pays in the shifter genre not to push too hard on the politics, because otherwise you'd probably just have to quit reading it altogether, but this was a serious bummer and wrecked what was otherwise one of West's better portrayals of a couple overcoming their misunderstandings.

Jul 16, Shannon rated it really liked it. Such an interesting blurb. A boy raised as a girl then put up for marriage as a girl! Lucas is the head of the Lycan family in this series and figured out things pretty quickly. And poor Kai not knowing anything about sex or boys, always believing he was defective somehow.

I'm having a great time here! Oct 05, Crouck rated it did not like it Shelves: dnf.

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This series has been one big clusterfuck, but Jesus Christ. So, Kai is surrounded by a bunch of Lycans. He's just been taken from his home and his mother the only person who has ever loved him. Lucas, the guy he's just been forced to marry is a raging psychopath who slammed Kai against a wall earlier, hard enough to draw blood.

So yes, Kai has blood streaming down the back of his neck. That's the state he's in.

The Alpha's Tryst Rough and Reluctant Werewolf Erotica

In this scene, on the ship--he attempts suicide. Not 'thinks about attempting suicide', not 'pretends to attempt suicide'--it's an actual 'pulling the trigger expecting to die' attempt at suicide. He was so scared that he tried to kill himself. But then! Not two seconds later, the entire group of douchecanoe Lycans are laughing at his adorable sassiness in trying to escape. It's not over! THEN, Lucas takes a struggling Kai to his room and does the usual 'I want to mate you, do you understand what this means?

Yes, Lucas is asking the terrified boy who just tried to legit kill himself if he wants to be forever bound to this psychopath who knocked his head against a wall. Ok, so that was my reason for quitting the book. Actions Taken epidemic that seems to be really prevalent in this series.

I didn't even get that far in this book, and it was all over the place. Dear Author, if you have a character say "I will never hurt you," those words should mean something. All of your Alphas are violent with volatile tempers, and constantly harm their subs if not physically, than mentally. They don't communicate, they blame everything on the subs, their apologies are always half-assed and only come after the sub has given up entirely.

Their anger and misplaced blame seems almost realistic in light of the curse they cannot control, but if that was your intent, then you should own up to it and not have these men proclaim that they are happy or in love. The words mean nothing when they are so cruel to their poor mates. These Alphas don't deserve submission. I guess I found my line for badfic. I'm fairly certain this matchmaker lady has the exact same name as the illegal slave brothel fat lady from the last book. Either way, prolly not a great idea to use that name.

And then the windiga? Do you really want to allude to wendigos in household pet animals? Apparently, yes. They're both really horrid to each other, and it relies extremely heavily on the Poor Communication Kills trope, but it's consummate pulp, so I suppose, reading it as such, it was amusing in an exasperatingly melodramatic way.

Sep 05, Lorraine Lesar rated it it was amazing. Meanwhile, Alpha Lucas does not want, but needs a mate to secure his leadership and produce a heir. The trouble with this though, is that he prefers men and there is also the problem of a ancient curse placed on his line to think of as well! Through a matchmaker like the way the author portrays her as very clever and sooooo scheming in getting what she wants , Princess Kai is matched with Lucas.

After "Princess Kai" lives on a planet where boy babies are not tolerated and given to the "godess". After seeing her picture, Lucas is certainly "up for it" in more ways than one! The only problem now, is that "Princess Kai" is actually a man, having to live a lie due to his planets feelings of men! Though Kai has been kept in virginal seclusion of the outside world and knows nothing about other men, sex etc. I won't spoil the enjoyment and tell you more, you will have to read it yourself! But I will tell you this - the book is short but really well written.

The author takes us on a journey of lust, longing, betrayal, mis-understandings, deceit and love! So much in a short book, shows the talent of the author. I also have to add, that I believe she missed an opportunity of making this into a full length book, there is so much original material she could have used and i believe she just licked the iceberg rather than devouring! I loved this book and didn't want it to finish. I got so lost in the story that it became real, I wanted to shout "talk to one another", "love one another" and also wanted to smack their heads together too!

Again showing the author's skill. Well done. UK readers, don't buy that chocolate bar you crave, for the same money, you can buy this book, it will satisfy your craving so much more and you can keep it to! Highly, highly recommended. I loved Kai thru and thru. The fact he could pass as a woman but was ALL man and always fought back was awesome. The first scene was a little intense with the physically fighting back and forth and Lucas almost fckin him right there as Kai was bleeding.

But I couldn't stand the way Lucas acted.

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