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Ask yourself if your children have plenty of gross-motor activities. Help anchor the child.

Getting to the Root of Behavior Problems

A child who paces restlessly because he doesn't know what to do with himself will feel calmer once he finds an engrossing activity or a friend he feels comfortable with. Play with him yourself for a few minutes, then try matching him up with different children, one at a time, until you find someone he plays well with.

Why Your Kid Can’t Just Sit Still | The Real Reason You Should Know

Encourage additional stress-reducing activities. Listening to music on a headset or playing with sand or water can be soothing. So can personal attention; ask your aide to read the child a story of his choice or play with blocks one-on-one. Once you help this child through his difficult transition period, he will probably channel some of that high energy into positive pursuits. If only he could channel some of it our way; what teacher ever had as much energy as she could use! Create a List.

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ADHD and Toddlers

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    Baby Products. ADHD and Toddlers. Reviewed January 14, Question: "My 2-and-a-half-year-old won't sit still and often disrupts circle time at his preschool. Could he have attention deficit disorder?

    Kid can't sit still

    In the meantime, try these tactics for encouraging better circle-time etiquette: Give your little whirlwind ample time — figure an hour daily — to burn off that surplus energy doing activities like playing tag, climbing at the playground, gymnastics, riding a trike or kicking a ball around in the backyard. Make sure your child gets enough sleep. Toddlers need 11 to 14 hours of sleep in any hour period. While we grown-ups slow down when we get exhausted, tired kids rev themselves up and get hyperactive. Go for high-protein foods like eggs or a peanut-butter sandwich.

    Find out how long circle time lasts. If it lasts for 20 minutes and you know your tot can sit for only 10, ask about bringing him in for the last half. Work on lengthening his attention span. Make sure you praise him; you can even reward him with a sticker or washable tattoo. Limit distractions by turning off the TV or closing the window blinds.