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Apart from her neighbor Don she has no friends; her refusal to participate in the community and her masculine appearance make easy fodder for the village teens who taunt and harass her. When Jake finds the brutally maimed bodies of two sheep in her flock she automatically suspects the teens.

But she begins to have doubts after she senses something large and menacing in the woods near her home, and when a stranger, Lloyd, shows up unexpectedly on her property. An unintended act of arson during high school caused her to run away from home for good. Homeless and hungry, she tried to scrape by with odd janitorial jobs until she discovered the relative easy money of working as a prostitute.

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After running from Otto, Jake landed with an all-male crew of itinerant sheep shearers in the Australian outback and won their begrudging respect as their equal in strength and ability. James Delingpole. Katy Balls.

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